Florence Nightingale's Nurses Uniform for Adults

Florence Nightingale's two greatest achievements, pioneering nursing and the reform of hospitals, were amazing accomplishments in her day considering that most women did not attend universities or pursue professional careers.


Our Civil War period nurse uniform is made to honor those brave and dedicated women who followed in Ms. Nightingale’s footsteps. Our uniform is composed of a Williamsburg blue dress with white collar, cuffs, over-apron, and nurse cap. You can choose to apply the red cross emblem or not.


We cut each costume when ordered and need to have the following size information:

  • Height
  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Waist to floor
  • Shoulder to shoulder (across upper back)
  • Shoulder to wrist
  • Around upper arm


We also like to know the date needed in-hand so we can make sure to get the costume to you in plenty of time.  


All this information can be added into the message section or the order form

Feel free to call us directly should you need further help

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As our costumes are custom cut, we do not allow returns or refunds unless we have miss the deadline. Then, we offer a full return.
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